Our lighting stock has exploded over the last few years, and is one of our fastest evolving areas of the business.

From live events, stage lighting, party lighting, disco lighting, ambient lighting, festival lighting, wireless lighting, even fairy lights and lasers, we have it all.

Typically our customers fall under one of the following three categories.

Help! I just need some lighting for our party/wedding!

Not a problem tell is a little about your event, and we will put a package together for you, come along and install it, if necessary operate it and then take it all away again after. As simple as that!

I'm an event organiser. This is our plan/production. We need a lighting designer and crew for our event.

Get in touch and lets have a chat. We have experience with live music events, festivals, product launches, corporate events and more. From time coded shows from the roof of a London mews (yes really!!) to simple static lighting installations, we can turn your vision into a reality.

I just need to dry hire some lighting kit.

Easy one this. Look below for what we stock, and get in touch with us for prices and T&C's

Event Lighting

One particular product we have which is very popular is our GDS wireless uplighters. These incredibly high quality and well built lights feature in many of our events. They are entirely wireless, feature RGB customisable colour palette and run for up to 12 hours on a single charge. As you can see in this marquee picture here. They are very effective indeed. Even more clever is they can be wirelessly controlled to change colours all via industry standard DMX protocol.
Stage Lighting
This was a stage lighting setup we did for for a well known local band. We made use of 6 Martin moving lights, and 6 200w LED par cans. This made for a very effective and fast installation, and created a very flexible, simple, yet effective lighting setup. For two nights we transformed a community venue into an amazing live music event in the South East.
Club Lighting
This was a lighting setup we did for one of our own Ibiza Events. We made heavy use of lasers, moving head lighting, strobes and UV. For one night only we transformed a sports venue into the most amazing club night in the Surrey. There were two parts to the system. One for the Lasers, and another for lighting, with one of our operators taking control of the night.

For audio we had our 15Kw Void Stasys/Impulse system. Complete overkill for a 150 person event, however it looked and sounded great!
Festoon Lighting
Festoon lighting is some of the most simple yet most effective lighting. We use warm white LED lamps, which are much more durable than traditional bulbs, and give a fantastic high efficiency light output. For summer or winter events they give that warm festival feel, and always give any event a welcoming touch.

There is literally no event where you can't use these!

Mobile lighting
Part of any good event plan will be lighting for the safety of the public. We have mobile light towers with built in generators that are quick to deploy and offer a very effective and fast way of deploying light.